Future Thoughts

Prices for the saloons are at last beginning to reflect the quality and rarity of these cars, but are still way short of the cost of a major rebuild. This is especially so for the TA14, where a good and usable example can still be found for less than £8,000. The chassis and running gear is very robust and so lends itself to the specials market. Whilst some efforts are frankly hideous, I am pleased to see a growing improvement in the general standard of design and wokmanship, and in many cases this is the salvation of many a car which would have no other future. I have a growing customer base in this category and I am in an excellent position to help with the supply of components for such projects. The three litre chassis offers a greater challenge to work with, but some very pleasing specials have been created. In the case of the Park Ward bodied cars The value differential between the saloons and the dropheads means that many people are tempted to think along the lines of converting their car. Be warned, it is not as simple as it first appears, and if it is not done absolutely right, to original specification, the expected increase in value will not happen. We intend to stock all the necessary components made as closely as we can to original design to provide a complete conversion kit. This could well make some otherwise unviable restoration projects become attractive cars again